Spain is the Top Destination for British Expats

With a total of 293,500 British expats making Spain their home, it comes as no surprise that the country is still the top destination for Britons living abroad, new figures show. […]

That’s Life… Prudent Steps Toward Permanent Peace of Mind

The latest WHO report confirms what many already know; Spain is the place to be if you want to extend your life expectancy. Ranking in at fourth in the world (behind Japan, Switzerland and Singapore respectively) for longevity of life for its citizens, Spain has a multitude of attractions on offer to the aspiring expat. [...]

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WHAT A HOLIDAY HOME IS AND HOW TO GET IT REGISTERED – English speaking lawyers in Spain

The first decree regulating houses rented to tourists obliges those operating in this business to register them in the Registry of Tourism. The questions surrounding it are summarized in this 10 questions list. 1.- What is considered a holiday rental home? Any real estate in Andalusia offering regularly accommodation service at a price set by [...]

Spain changes laws to encourage more rentals

According to some sources, there are currently around three million rental properties in Spain lying empty. This is a significant number and it reflects unwillingness on the part of owners to rent out properties, rather than a shortage of people willing to rent them. The main reason for landlords’ reluctance, especially when the ‘crisis’ hit [...]

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Tax obligations for non-resident property owners in Spain

Although there have been many articles discussing the implications of the recently reintroduced Property Wealth Tax, there still seems to be confusion as to who will be affected. In simplistic terms, all non-resident property owners in Spain are legally obliged to pay income tax on all rental income earned in Spain and to calculate the [...]

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Marbella Guide

September 8, 2011

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