The latest WHO report confirms what many already know; Spain is the place to be if you want to extend your life expectancy. Ranking in at fourth in the world (behind Japan, Switzerland and Singapore respectively) for longevity of life for its citizens, Spain has a multitude of attractions on offer to the aspiring expat.

Since the 1960’s, life expectancy in general has extended by five years. The UK, on the other hand, is reported to have one of the highest death rates in Europe thanks to excessive pollution, with London being one of the most toxic cities one can live in. From where we’re standing, it seems that Spain is one of the best bets for those who take their health seriously!

The WHO classed air pollution as a “major risk” as it is prone to cause cardio-vascular diseases, lung cancer and strokes. It is also responsible for deaths in infants under the age of five, due to pneumonia. So, although moving to Spain is certainly a prudent health choice, there are other less predictable factors to consider with regards to mortality… that’s life!

Expect the unexpected

Although we’re all well aware that it’s inevitable, it’s often also unpalatable to consider our mortality; especially when we have a loving family to consider. We’re sure you will agree that life teaches most of us to expect the unexpected in one way or another, but as with most things, a little forward planning goes a long way and we can sometimes lessen the impact of unpleasant circumstances. In the event that circumstances are completely beyond our control, it is possible for us to have some measures in place to deal with the consequences.

Perez Legal are experts in mitigating such unpleasant circumstances, so we have covered many areas of life with our insurance options; you can be safe in the knowledge that for the majority of foreseeable challenges, you and/or your family will have something to fall back on. For example:

Our Life Risk Insurance offers various options and covers you and your family so that you can have peace of mind for example spanish inheritance tax for residents. One of them, our individual risk cover, guarantees capital payment for death or disability and includes options such as daily income for accidents or illness, double and triple capital for accidents, medical treatment expenses, etc.

We’ve got your back

We offer solutions for every need, so whatever it is that you would like to cover yourself against, you can talk to us about how we can help you to do it a very typical case it’s public liability insurance in Spain or Corporate legal advice Spain.

This kind of ‘worst-case-scenario’ life insurance is not all we can offer you, of course. As we mentioned above, we have many kinds of insurance to cover every eventuality. Perhaps it is savings or retirement plans that interest you; rest assured, we have you covered for those too.

Talk to us about our mixed insurance if it’s a combination of things that will give you the most peace of mind. Our entire range of options can be found here, and we will be more than happy to give you some sound advice based on years of experience; give us a call and let our professional team give you that first step towards total peace of mind.

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