New Property Developments in Spain

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For the past 5 years Perez Legal Group members have been actively involved in ensuring that the legal agreements that developers send to the real estate agents are in order.

Given that every single developer has its own procedures, it is imperative to ensure that the developer provides all the information to the clients that the law requires.

  • Contact details of the developer’s company
  • Number of phases to be built and number of apartments
  • Company formation title deeds
  • Copy of the building licence
  • Plans of the complex and documentation
  • Draft of the private purchase contract
  • Details of the person signing the private purchase contract (power of attorney)
  • Description of the property including garage and storage areas
  • Prices and forms of payment
  • Bank details of the developer
  • Delivery date to be stated on the contract
  • Bank guarantee details
  • Memory of qualities of the complex
  • List of options available for every apartment
  • Confirmation of the payment structure
  • ‘Development Análisis’. (which type of complex is going to be built)

At Perez Legal Group we are familiar with all of the new developments on the Costa del Sol. This knowledge combined with our experience with new building contracts means that we can offer first class advice and guidance if you are considering buying on a new development.

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