Life Insurance

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Savings Life

The Insurance provides you with several solutions to insure your future and get the most from your money with security and flexibility.


Retirement Insurance

You decide when you want to receive the capital and we guarantee payment on the due date, resulting in an excellent savings formula with great advantages.


Insured Benefits Plan

Savings plan which allows you to plan your future, with guaranteed capital on the due date (protected by market evolution), death cover, disability, unemployment or critical illness, and pension plan taxation.

Active Savings

Profitable life assurance due to a mixed investment fund (fixed income and securities) with a high security level and positive profitable expectations.

Mutual Fund

Life assurance associated with pool of investment funds, with the possibility of choosing payment its composition depending on the desired risk and modifying it in accordance with market evolution.


Pension Plan

Savings plan with good fiscal advantages, with the possibility of opting for an aggressive or conservative profile.

Life Risk Insurance

We offer different alternatives to cover principle risks which can disturb you and your family’s peace of mind.

Individual Risk

Life Assurance risk has two types of contracting which life guarantees capital payment for death or disability and includes a wide range of options, such as daily income for accidents or illness, double and triple capital for accidents, medical treatment expenses, etc…



Product designed to cover not only death and disability, but also specific needs for women such as illnesses common in women, birth of a disabled child, etc….

Short-Term Insurance

You decide the period you want to cover, maintaining the ongoing premium for this period. It includes academic insurance, designed for children, setting aside capital in case of death or disability of parents.

Mixed Insurance

Designed for your total security, this Insurance offers mixed solutions that combine both Risk and saving guarantees. Future Life Assurance in which one part of the premiums are assigned to take out capital in the case of death or disability, with the option of double and triple capital guarantees in case of survival..


Endowment 10/Infant

Insurance which combines payments in case of death and disability with the payment of guaranteed capital on the policy due date. Ideal for protecting children from possible contingencies, guaranteeing income when it is most needed.

Solutions for Every Need

We offer a wide range of life Assurance which provides a solution to different risks which may occur, contributing to the continuous well-being of your family and ensuring their peace of mind. We also provide solutions for collective insurance in Life Saving Insurance and Risk Insurance.

Do Not Lose Your Present Standard of Living

It is necessary to complement public services with a life Assurance policy to provide the capital or income necessary to maintain your present income level.


Individual Risk

You and your family’s well-being is imperative. We have designed a product which offers you the maximum protection. In the case of death or becoming disabled, with us you are secure, as it will help to maintain your quality of life and to face up to family expenses.

An insurance which perfectly adapts to your needs and has two forms of contracting.

Modular Life

This is the most basic and simple option to insure main guarantees of policy contract by capital modules up to a maximum of 100.000€

  • Death by any cause
  • Absolute and permanent disability any cause
  • Additional capital for accidents
  • Additional capital for traffic accidents

Furthermore, in the case of accidental death of both spouses in the same accident, the basic capital insured increases to an additional 50% at no cost.

Integral Life

Considering a high level of insurance, this option permits contracting the same covers as the previous module fixing a higher capital (+100.000€)

Also permits the following optional cover:

  • Temporary Disability any cause/accident
  • Hospitalisation for surgery
  • Surgery
  • Sanitary Assistance

This module also includes without any further cost, the 50% increase of the basic capital insured in the case of accidental death of both spouses in the same accident.

Your Well-being Guaranteed

In the event of an accident which is covered by the policy, we guarantee the capital payment to pay for unexpected expenses.

A Reduced Price

Protect your family for much less than you imagined


Wide Experience

The experience of our company in offering Life Assurance enables us to offer high quality advice and adapt to your needs.

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