Why you should sign the Padrón in Spain

Acquiring an empadronamiento is an important step to towards integrating in Spain and means that you are officially registered as a resident of your village, town or city. This has important implications for the area in which you live, and at the same time entitles...

Raquel Perez and Perez Legal Group

Over the past 16 years, Raquel Perez, founder of the Perez Legal Group, has specialised in providing individuals and companies with professional legal, paralegal and conveyance services. Having built up experience in a British legal firm and fields such as The...

Perez Legal Group Services

The Perez Legal Group prides itself on offering a complete range of services in English to support the expat community here on the Costa del Sol. The firm understands that now more than ever, our diverse English speaking population requires reliable and trustworthy...
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