Cookie Policy

1. Information about cookies:
They are a web tool used to save and collect information about visitors and users in the form of a text that can be sent to a computer or an automatic users tool which allows the website owner to learn about visitors’ use of the website. This information allows the website owner to improve quality and security. Cookies are not permanent and they can be deleted after a period of time.

2. Type of cookies used on this website:
The website that you are visiting uses its own cookies of a strictly technical nature without which its use would not be possible and therefore does not require prior consent.
In addition the website uses third party cookies:

3. More information about surfing privately and cookie management:
Bear in mind that you can set up your browser to accept or reject all cookies or to receive a warning about the same and decide about their installation. You can for example consult the help section in your browser and modify it to this effect. You can also delete the cookies installed in your computer or tool at any time.
In addition to the above, we would advise you to consult the following links for further information about cookie management (navigating privately and deletion of cookies after each visit) depending on your browsers:


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