Setting up a company anywhere can be something of a challenge and it may be even more so if your new business is in a country where you don’t speak the language fluently or have a lifetime of experience in how things work. That’s why Perez Legal Group has a team dedicated to helping overseas business owners with every aspect of setting up a company and following Spanish company regulations, which may vary from what you are used to.

For example, in Spain companies are required to keep a specific set of records that must be registered in the Mercantile Registry, including the annual financial statement. There are time restrictions on when these documents are presented, but we can help newcomers keep a watchful eye on the schedule for presenting such official accounts.

Perez Legal Group can also advise you on the type of company incorporation that is most suitable for you. You may wish to form an S.A. company, although this requires a minimum investment of 60,000€, or the alternative S.L. company, which involves simpler accounts and bookkeeping. The business will be liable for Spain’s corporate tax of 30% on profits, but we can advise you on the most efficient tax structure available. We’re also experts in the many corporate tax incentives on offer at both national and local levels.

In addition, you will require a business licence and if you’re practising medicine, veterinary science or architecture, you will need to present copies of all your certificates and qualifications. If you qualified in an EU country, obtaining a licence is a formality, but if your credentials come from outside the EU your papers will have to go through a validation process, which we can help you with.

Taking care of your staff in a foreign country may also present you with an unfamiliar set of rules. Perez Legal Group can provide you with an efficient payroll and contracts service that will take the worry out of making sure your employees are paid on time each month. We can also advise on work contracts, while other things to consider are public liability insurance and social security payments, both of which we can handle for you.

Finally, if you prefer to be self-employed or autonomo, we take you through the registration procedure and are able to help you with your three-monthly VAT and tax returns.

Setting up your business in Spain doesn’t need to be a challenge, especially with Perez Legal Group by your side.

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