Over the past 16 years, Raquel Perez, founder of the Perez Legal Group, has specialised in providing individuals and companies with professional legal, paralegal and conveyance services. Having built up experience in a British legal firm and fields such as The Official Property Register, she understands the needs of foreign homebuyers and residents, and offers sound expertise and no-nonsense, impartial advice.

As a partner in one of the Costa del Sol’s leading property conveyancing law firms, Raquel offers in-depth knowledge and understanding of the legalities and procedures involved in buying and selling a Spanish property combined with being able to communicate it to her clients in clear, simple English. Over the years, Raquel has successfully provided expats (both resident and non-resident) with professional advice and a customer-oriented service, to ensure the smooth running of any real estate transaction or legal procedure.

Perez Legal Group was founded with the purpose of offering a style of service built on expert knowledge and professionalism but designed around the needs of the client. This means its approach has evolved very much from the perspective of the client, not the other way round. “Our clients want the guarantee of expertise and ethics combined with the peace of mind that specialist legal skills can offer, but within a customer-friendly environment that isn’t intimidating or unintelligible but clear, transparent and aimed at providing solutions,” says Raquel Perez.

It is this philosophy that has produced a very high level of efficiency, responsiveness and the ability to provide a comprehensive range of services, ensuring that our clients have access to the necessary specialist. Our size and diversity allows individual members of the law firm to concentrate their expertise in well-defined areas of law.  We strive to maintain, however, a balance between the need to provide specialist skills and the need to provide personal guidance. To achieve this, we operate as a team with one partner being responsible for each operation and the identification of the client’s legal requirements. This allows us to maintain our high standards of attention to our client’s needs, combining the roles of both personal and legal adviser.

Fully bilingual, our team consists of professionals that are highly experienced in property conveyance for overseas buyers, accounts for businesses and individuals, litigation and insurance services. We also have a policy of going out into the expat community to provide advice and information about such issues as inheritance procedure in Spain and taxes through seminars and related events.

In addition, we actively seek to keep our clients informed of progress and procedures through reports, supervision meetings and personal communication – priding ourselves on replying to communications or telephone calls within the same day. It’s all part of a service aimed at making legal services in Spain fully accessible to the expat community.

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