Now you are living in Spain you will have to do some housekeeping, basically you need to get your affairs in order!  There have been a few changes since July 2012, today the Spanish Government specifies that you need to be registered as a resident if you intend to stay for three months or more. Previously, you could apply for an NIF/NIE number and go about your general daily business and have the option to apply for Residence (residencia) or not.

The international nature of the Costa del Sol has allowed many people to live and work under the radar, making it difficult for local Government to keep track of their population and to plan services accordingly. So this is a positive move, which will make life much easier for the authorities to plan and allocate funding to improve our surroundings and the infrastructure.  Regardless of your feelings about registering your whereabouts, these are the rules and we have to comply. That said, Perez Legal Group can help you with the process, making sure that everything is above board and legal will give you freedom to enjoy your life in Spain.

Surprisingly, the new legislation has faced opposition from expats, who feel that EU citizens who register as a resident should gain automatic access to social security etc. Yet, this isn’t the case. The British Embassy in Madrid offers clarification on their website:  and for the official document and updates check the original Spanish Ministerial Order.

Perez Legal Group will guide you through the entire residency process, starting with an application for a fiscal number NIE/NIF number and then help you apply for residency status at the local police station (Comisaria de Policia an EX15 form.).  It can be a long drawn out process and if you don’t speak the language, assistance in completely the forms, making photocopies of your passport, producing the correct sized photo and making the payment at a specific bank can be daunting.

Regardless of whether you intend to reside in Spain, you will need a fiscal number if you plan to purchase property or carry out any type of financial transaction, open a Spanish bank account, take out private health insurance, buy a car, utilities connections or even purchase a mobile phone.

If you would like further information or advice about residency in Spain contact Perez Legal Group

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