You’ve found your dream property, negotiations are underway and the next step is to think about the serious business of carrying out the Legal Conveyance of property and land in Spain. This legal transfer, arranging a mortgage on your property, the exchange of contracts and the completion process or contrive to make a daunting experience, unless you have the right help.

Perez Legal Group will ensure that you enter this agreement feeling confident, safe and secure in the knowledge that the purchase of the land or property will be carried out in line with the law. This is one of the most important transactions you’ll make in your life, so we will make sure all the necessary checks are carried out on your behalf and can provide you with English speaking lawyers.

Perez Legal Group property conveyance…

  • We will advise you and handle the payment of the initial deposit to secure the property – usually around 6,000€
  • Our English speaking lawyers will prepare you and provide all the necessary advice.
  • We will manage the documentation; everything should be in writing, there should be no exchange of money to private vendors and your deposit will be held in a protected account.
  • Perez Legal will check the legal history and any outstanding debts on your property. Any required licences and bank guarantees will be put in place.
  • We will handle the exchange of contracts and fees, which will vary depending on whether you are purchasing a new property from a developer or a resale property
  • We will be with you during the completion procession when you sign the deeds or “escritura” with a Notary and full payment is made, making you the legal owner

You will need to bear in mind that theadministration and tax costs will added to your purchase, which will added up to around 10%, with 8% of this transfer tax, legal fees, Notary & Registry fees.

Perez Legal Group will make all necessary administration arrangements and to make sure your purchase goes smoothly, ready to turn the key, switch on the lights and enjoy your new home!

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