Living in Spain as an expat is a dream come true when the sun is shining and all is going well, but things can change suddenly, if you or your loved ones experience a death and you haven’t made the right legal and fiscal preparations.

The laws regarding deaths, inheritance and wills are different in Spain to those in the UK, Scandinavia and other European countries, so you need to be aware of current Spanish inheritance laws and procedures so that you don’t get caught ought and find yourself up the financial creek without a paddle.  Your heirs won’t thank you if they are landed with an unnecessarily large tax bill or even worse, if you aren’t married and you die intestate, your offspring could lose out altogether.

Raquel Perez, Managing Director and founder of Perez Legal Group is joining forces with the Benahavis Town Hall to deliver a free seminar on Inheritance Tax and Procedures. It will be held at the Benahavis Town Hall on Thursday, 21st of March at 5pm.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that will be covered:

  • How are foreigners affected by the law of inheritance and donations?
  • Why is it important to have a Spanish will? Associated costs and fees?
  • Can you avoid paying Spanish inheritance tax?
  • How will your estate be evaluated by the Spanish tax office?
  • What is the deadline and timescale involved in the process?
  • Can you plan ahead to minimise or legally avoid inheritance tax?
  • What legal documentation should be in place?
  • How much will your inheritors have to pay in inheritance tax?
  • Are there any advantages of becoming resident in Spain for tax purposes?

There’s an old saying, “ignorance is no excuse under the law” so it’s important to get your affairs in order.

Don’t miss out – seats are limited, contact Perez Legal Group on 952 548 401 or to book your place.

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