Only 23% of self-catering holiday rentals are properly registered

Only one in four people who have self-catering properties listed on the Costa del Sol tourist accommodation register are actually meeting the legal obligations set out by the government, figures from the National Police show. […]

May 7th, 2018|Law, Tax|0 Comments

Things to Remember when Renting your Spanish Property

Rental contracts in Spain Things are looking good for the property market in Spain and house prices are once again on the rise after eight long years of stagnation caused by the crash, which had been especially harsh due to the unregulated housing bubble of the previous 11 years. Not only is the property market [...]

Living in Spain with Good Health

Social security payments in Spain Those considering moving to Spain, either in the near or distant future, may be feeling the draw of Spain for a variety of different reasons. The low cost of housing, the low cost of living, the proximity to other European countries, or simply the incredible beauty of the Iberian country [...]

WHAT A HOLIDAY HOME IS AND HOW TO GET IT REGISTERED – English speaking lawyers in Spain

The first decree regulating houses rented to tourists obliges those operating in this business to register them in the Registry of Tourism. The questions surrounding it are summarized in this 10 questions list. 1.- What is considered a holiday rental home? Any real estate in Andalusia offering regularly accommodation service at a price set by [...]


If you are selling your Spanish property, please be aware that you will be involved in a legal procedure and preparation of certain documents which are necessary for this process.In order to proceed, you should appoint a Spanish Lawyer and Chartered Accountant in order to carry out on your behalf  all the necessary tax forms [...]

A Quick Guide to Driving in Spain – fiscal representative Spain

When visiting or moving to another country it's important to check out some rules, laws and regulations, so that you don't get caught out unaware of something that would be unheard of back home. Contact a fiscal representative Spain - a Spanish “gestor” - for more detailed information and to find out about the necessary [...]



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