The Costa del Sol is a very popular place. Interest in the area continues to increase, with wannabe expats from all around the world looking to come here for the chilled out lifestyle, and of course to indulge in all the delights this beautiful part of the world has to offer. Who can blame them?

For some however, working in Spain can pose a little difficulty. Therefore self-employed bookkeeping service in Spain is valuable as well as aid with social security payments in Spain, for as long as not accustomed to the protocols that must be followed…and of course  provided that the work options on offer here on the Costa del Sol are appealing!

It stands to reason then, that many expats will already have their own line of work of business that they don’t want to give up as a trade-off for their Costa del Sol lifestyle. That doesn’t have to be a problem… you can bring your business along with you!

Costa del Sol could very well be the ideal place to expand your business or kick off a new Start Up. Why not be creative about it?

Here you may be able to find skilled workers – or even partners – in the long-established expat community here; perhaps even locals would love to get involved with whatever it is that you’re planning on bringing to the table.

Processes and legal requirements must be followed

The most important things, however, are to know your market, how you can get it off the ground and that you are able to comply with the local legal requirements related to your business. The legal requirements can vary depending on the type of business you wish to set up; you may find that you need to have certain qualifications to practice here on the Costa del Sol, and you’ll certainly need a business license.

For example, if your business in in the fields of architecture, or medicine, you need to be approved by an EU institution, which means obtaining the necessary certificates and qualifications here. Another example would be that if you work with food, you’d need to be able to provide a food handler’s certificate.

If you already have such qualifications and do not wish to take examinations again here, it may be possible for you have your current certificates and qualifications validated. Although this process can sometimes be a little lengthy, it is worth it to be able to live on the Costa del Sol – we’re sure you’ll agree!

Business Licenses: IAE or Impuesto sobre Actividades Economicas

The Town Hall will require a business license for your specific line of work, there’s no doubt about that. Here this is known as an IAE.  It used to be called a “licencia fiscal” and was a municipal tax, but it’s now known as the “tax on economic activities” and is administered by the central tax office.

The good news is that you will not have to pay tax on any turn-over up to €600.000, so you may well not have to pay anything at all for quite some time.

There’s no getting around the business licence in Spain – it’s obligatory here – so it is important to bear this in mind before moving to the Costa del Sol. You’ll need four photographs, a title deed and lease contract for the premises you’ve secured (and a photocopy of these), business incorporation charter and to complete a request form.  You’ll also need to provide any other permits related to your profession.

Questions, questions….

We are sure that if you’re considering setting up a business on the Costa del Sol, you’ll have many questions in mind and one of the most important must be these:

Company incorporation services in Spain

Corporate Tax Advice in  Spain

Business licence in Spain

All these grey areas and unanswered questions can be daunting, we know, but don’t let that put you off establishing your dream life here.

Perez Legal are experts in this area and we can help you to understand exactly what you need to do to make your Costa del Sol business a success. We can help you with the following to clear your mind and prepare you for your move:

Whether you’ll need to registered as self-employed (here this is called ‘autónomo’) or whether you will want to set up your own Limited Company (known as a Sociedad Limitada)

What constitutes the legal structure of your new business

If you wish to take on other partners, making a Shareholder Agreement

The requirements that must be followed if you wish to incorporate a Legal Entity here in Spain

Any obligations you will have with regards to Social Security

The legal requirements for your residence permits (if necessary) and advice on immigrations laws you may need to align with

We can even provide you with accounting assistance at affordable monthly rates; just one more weight off your mind!

When dealing with a new country and a new set of laws, it is best to make sure you are fully covered and armed with the full information needed to make sure you are compliant; this is surely better than missing an important detail and causing your new business major complications or set-backs.

Perez Legal are here to help; we understand the many challenges faced by expats relocating abroad and it is our area of expertise. We can even help you to find your dream property and home insurance on the Costa del Sol! We have covered all bases for you so that your move is streamlined and stress-free.

You’re safe with Perez Legal, so give us a call now for a chat and we’ll be sure to help you get your Costa del Sol business off the ground.


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