As in most countries, whether you are resident or non-resident, if you own property in Spain you will be liable to declare any rental income as part of your non-resident income tax.

The vagaries of the Spanish tax system can be confusing at the best of times, but it can become a minefield to negotiate if you don’t speak the language and you are unfamiliar with the procedures.  The good news is that you don’t need to struggle through the paperwork, as companies such as Perez Legal Group are well versed in the tax laws pertaining to both residents and non-residents. You can arrange for a fiscal representation service to deal with your taxes and other fiscal matters. Perez Legal Group provides accounting and fiscal services for self-employees and Spanish company’s and non-resident companies alike.

A fiscal representative will prepare your property non-resident income tax and wealth tax returns if applicable. They will…

  • Calculate the tax due on your property – based on the ratable value  and the number of days you have owned it
  • Complete the forms in Spanish – including personal and property information.
  • Submit the forms to the tax office.
  • Deal with any tax related correspondence generated throughout the fiscal year receiving any notification in our offices on your behalf and replying them within the deadline.

Contact the Perez Legal Group at info@perezlegalgroup.comfor further information about fiscal representation and find out how the non-resident imputed income and property wealth tax obligations will affect you.

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