Social security health system in Spain

Spanish social security includes benefits for health, sickness, maternity, work injury, housing, unemployment, retirement, invalidity and death. Social Security benefits are paid as a percentage of your salary and are subject to minimum and maximum payments. In order to qualify for benefits, you must have made social security contributions for a certain length of time in order to qualify for sick pay.

European health card

As from the 1st of May 2010, if a foreign pensioner, resident in Spain, wishes to travel abroad, they will have to obtain the EUROPEAN HEALTH CARD from their home countries and not the CAISS offices in Spain. This will cover emergency and chronic treatments.

If you go to another country for medical purposes for an operation or specific treatment, this has to be previously authorized by spanish health authorities with form E-112. The European Health Insurance Card is not sufficient for this purpose.

When coming to Spain on holidays for short periods of time, it is necessary to obtain a European Health Insurance Card from your home country.  If not, payment will have to be made for any health treatment received. To receive treatment, you have to go to your nearest health care centre to register, taking the card and the passport or ID with you.