Renting out your Spanish property

Renting a Spanish property to holiday makers can be a lucrative investment option, especially now whilst property prices are yet to reach their peak. In 2006 8.97% of property sales in Spain were to foreign buyers, [...]

Brexit: Spain ‘in favour’ of Reciprocal Agreements, Expats Reassured

Spain backs Theresa May’s bid of a fair deal for British expats once the UK leaves the European Union, according to the Express. Since the referendum results last June, the Prime Minister has been keen [...]

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What You Need to Prepare Your Spanish Tax Returns for 2016

As the time to prepare your Spanish income tax declarations for 2016 fast approaches, here is a list of the documentation & information you will need.  We’ve also included some handy pointers to help you avoid some of the more common pitfalls people often encounter. […]

Planning for the Modelo 720. A brief analysis

JANUARY 2017 – Since 1 January 2013, the Spanish tax residents are obliged to file an annual informative tax declaration called ‘Modelo 720’ (M720), to declare the ownership of non Spanish assets that exceed 50.000 € in value, category by category. The categories and the information to be provided are as follows: Properties outside Spain You will need to declare the date of purchase, the full address, the type of property, the percentage of ownership and the purchase price (not the market value), ignoring the percentage of ownership. All types of bank accounts outside Spain You will need to declare the bank name, the full address, the type of bank account, the full bank account details (including IBAN), the date the bank account was opened, the percentage of ownership, the bank balance at 31 December and the average bank balance during the fourth quarter (ignoring the percentage of ownership). All types of investments assets (investment bonds, shares, insurance products and other related financial assets) You will need to declare the name and type of investment, the date of purchase, the type and percentage of ownership and the value at 31 December ignoring the percentage of ownership. (This information may vary depending on the type of asset, for example you will need to provide the ISIN number for share in the Stock Market). The filing of this annual declaration is […]

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Bronze Visa anyone?

Residency schemes for post-Brexit buyers of Spanish property With Brexit looming ahead, local solicitor Raquel Perez explores possible residency incentives the Spanish government may put on the table for UK buyers. SURELY the British and Spanish governments will arrive out some amicable agreement which will allow Brits to continue moving to Spain unimpeded by residency requirements and other forms of red tape… right? If previous incentives by the Spanish government to boost the property market is anything to go by, we may be looking at a low level Golden Visa Scheme for UK buyers, a Bronze Visa of sorts. […]

Non-residents Property Imputed Income Tax explained

Non-residents who own property in Spain must submit a Property Imputed Income Tax declaration annually, due before the 31st of December for the prior fiscal year. Wealth Tax (in all its different modes) was abolished in 2008 and therefore no longer payable. Following recent tax cuts implemented by Spanish Government, Property Imputed Income Tax is the only tax which remains an annual obligation. As a non-resident owner, you should have an attorney appointed in Spain who normally is your lawyer or accountant. […]

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