Public liability insurance

Object of the insurance

The insurer guarantees, within the limits and conditions set forth in the policy, to cover liability (non-contractual) of the insured, as established by current laws, causing personal damage, material damage and consequential damages involuntarily to third parties, by events deriving from the specific risk of the policy.

Benefits from the insurer

Pursuant to the policy’s coverage conditions, and limited to the sum insured established in its schedule, the insurer shall bear the following expenses:

  • Payment to the injured parties or their entitled dependents of the indemnities arising from the liability of the insured.
  • The posting of any legal bails required of the insured to guarantee his liability.
  • Payment of legal costs and expenses.
  • Payment of the fees of the professionals entrusted with the legal defense of the insured against the claim of the injured party.
  • Any extra-judicial expenses inherent in the claim that the insured might incur, provided said expenses were incurred with the consent of the insurer.

Coverage and jurisdiction

The policy’s coverage extends to and is limited to the responsibilities stemming from damages which took place in Spanish territories and are recognized by the Spanish Courts.