Inheritance Tax Planning

Protect your loved ones by preserving your assets in Spain.

Do you know what will happen to your assets when you’ve gone?

Although no one likes to think about passing away… even if you consider yourself to be of moderate means planning your estate is vital if you have savings, assets and property in Spain. By making sure your affairs are in order, you’ll save loved ones from the burden at such a difficult time and their inheritance will be safeguarded.

Inheritance tax planning is a complicated issue and shouldn’t be attempted without seeking professional advice from an expert in Spanish inheritance tax law. The Perez Legal Group has 20 years’ experience of dealing with estate planning including inheritance tax, wills, pensions, assets and liabilities and can handle all aspects of estate planning for both Spanish nationals and expats with assets in Spain.

If you don’t have  Spanish Will…

  • Assets cannot be transferred, sold or rent to any other third party
  • Bank accounts can be blocked, even if in joint names
  • Property sales can be blocked, even if in joint names

Perez Legal Group’s multilingual legal team can help you…

  • Prepare a notarised Spanish will
  • Expedite the process, by preparing all the necessary documentation
  • Minimise inheritance tax liabilities
  • Liaise with the necessary official bodies in Spanish
  • Act on your behalf with a Power of Attorney
  • Apply for NIE numbers for all inheritors
  • And much more…

Make sure you’re prepared! Call today on 952 833 169 for free consultation and make the first step to protecting your assets.

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