Home insurance in Marbella, Spain

Many clients have enquired as to whether we can recommend a suitable insurance company on the Costa del Sol to provide insurance for their properties and contents.  We have in the past refrained from providing or recommending specific companies since we felt this would compromise our independence as a law firm.

Nevertheless, it is apparent that many clients have contracted insurance and have had their claims turned down for a variety of reasons. Often the blame lies with the insurance company, as they have neglected to identify the peculiarities surrounding the insurance of a non-resident’s circumstances and property in Spain. There are many reasons by which an insurance company can avoid payment, so we have chosen to address the issue by offering you the option of contracting insurance through our associate firm.

  • Processing of applications is done in your own language.
  • The complex criteria that need to be observed in line with Spanish Insurance parameters will be explained in your own language there by ensuring that any cover is tailored to your own requirements and circumstances.
  • All quotes will be produced in either the English or Spanish language.
  • All claims can be processed through our offices.
  • Depending upon the policy you acquire, on line assistance will be provided in English.
  • Our aim is to improve the quality of insurance currently offered and to improve the success of any claim.

We hope that this service will enhance the quality of your investment here on the Costa del Sol and will provided added peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your personality and or realty is properly insured against all the eventualities whether left unoccupied or not.

Please note. If you are applying for a mortgage, the insurance will be arranged by the Spanish Lending Entity. Please make sure that contents are also included in the Insurance Policy, as many Spanish banks only insure the building structure.
Contact the Pérez Legal Group will provide a free insurance quote for your Spanish property.