Health insurance

The vast majority of people in Spain are covered for health treatment under social security.  However, most people who can afford to often choose to take out private health insurance, which provides a wider choice of medical practitioners and hospitals, and more importantly, frees them from public health waiting list.  If you are not covered by Spanish Social Security, it is important to have a private health insurance plan, unless you have a very large bank balance.

The policies offered by Spanish and foreign companies differ considerably in the extent of cover, limitations and restrictions, premiums, and the choice of doctors, specialists and hospitals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The US does not have a reciprocal health agreement with Spain and therefore, American students and other Americans who are not covered by Social Security must have private health insurance in Spain.   Proof of insurance must usually be provided when applying for a visa or residence permit.

Some foreign insurance companies do not provide sufficient cover to satisfy Spanish regulations and therefore you should check the minimum cover necessary.

Perez Legal Group staff can help you find the right level of cover.