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On the 1st June 2013, a new law will come into effect requiring all properties offered for sale or rental to have an energy certificate.

No certificate means no listing and no sale!

All buildings, houses, premises and offices that are to be sold or leased must have an energy certificate issued by an architect, engineer or surveyor. All promotional material must display an energy label. If the property doesn’t have a certificate it cannot be listed and failure to comply can result in fines of up to 15.025,30 Euros!

Deadline 1st June 2013

You can’t list property without an energy certificate after the 1st June.

The cost of a certificate depends on the location and the size of the property. Perez Legal Group can relieve you of the hassle by handling the entire process; we will liaise with the appropriate persons, deal with the paperwork and provide you with the required rating certificate for your property… from as little as 250€ (plus IVA).

Contact us today on 952 833 169 or email info@perezlegalgroup.com to book a free consultation.

What the law means to you and your clients

  • As from 1st June 2013 all property for sale or lease must have an energy certificate
  • Failure to comply will result in heavy fines
  • The certificate must be issued by qualified professionals
  • Exceptions apply to places of worship, commercial and property of less than 50m²
  • No certificate – no rent or sale!