Obtaining a business licence in Spain

The following documentation is required by the Town Hall when applying for a business licence.


If you wish to practice medicine or architecture, you must possess qualifications and certificates from an EU institution. If your qualifications are from outside the EU it is necessary to undergo a lengthy validation process.

IAE or Impuesto sobre Actividades Economicas

An IAE is essentially a business licence, which was formerly known as a “licencia fiscal” and now called the “tax on economic activities”. This was formerly a municipal tax but it is now administered by the central tax office. No tax will be payable on a turn-over under 600.000€, but registration is obligatory in order to obtain the correct code for your specific activity.

  • Four photos
  • Title deed and lease contract for your business premises (plus a photocopy).
  • Business incorporation charter
  • Completed request form.
  • Any other permits related to your specific profession. For example a cook will need a food handler’s certificate.