The end is nigh for the Spanish puente

Anyone who lives in Spain will have experienced the popularity of the Spanish puente (literally 'bridge'), which results when a Public Holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday and workers take an extra day to make a four-day weekend. While previously any move to change this tradition might have attracted howls of protest from outraged [...]

December 30th, 2011|Perez Legal Group|0 Comments

New regulations to help Spain’s real estate industry

In order to improve the status and reputation of Spain's huge real estate industry three new qualifications (covered by the BOE. 276 Royal Decree 1550/2011 of 31 October) have been introduced that should improve the quality of professionals working in the industry. The most basic of these, Commercial Real Estate Management, ensures a desirable level [...]

December 23rd, 2011|Perez Legal Group|0 Comments


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